Where in the world is Jared Kusher?

Kushner had been portrayed by President Trump as the golden boy constantly praised for his intelligence and his promising future. However, as the months have gone by, and the first year of Trump’s presidency has come to a close, Kushner seems to have disappeared from the public sphere. This is largely due to Kushner’s ties to the Russia probe, under this scrutiny Trump seems to be attempting to cut ties, or at least attempt to distance himself, from his son-in-law and senior advisor.

Maggie Haberman, arguably the President’s favorite reporter, has claimed that as Kushner’s public visibility has diminished, so too has his influence behind closed doors. Whether or not this is entirely true is hard to say, regardless it is clear that President Trump is at least attempting to signal a shift in Kushner’s role. This process has largely been sped up by the recent plea deal taken by Flynn, and the revelations that there is a clear trail from Russia straight to Kushner’s door. Quite simply, he is the next victim of this resignation filled Presidency. There have been some reports that Trump has even gone as far as to blame Kushner for the events leading to Mueller taking over the case. This is largely believed to be connected to Kushner’s role in the firing of Flynn and Comey. Though it has become clear that the President’s distancing may be more than just a nominal gesture, and may actually have serious implications for Kushner. A former campaign aide for Trump, Sam Nunberg, described Kushner as the ‘worst political adviser in the White House in modern history.’ Furthermore, he insists this is the consensus among everyone behind the scenes, though even that is slowly slipping into common circulation. One of the most damning is a satirical piece from Kushner’s perspective simply titled Full disclosure: I am Jared Kushner. I have no idea what I’m doing.

It seems as though he has not even fully settled in his role and he is already being kicked off the carousel; as of recently, he has still not been able to obtain permanent security clearance, and only a few days ago his clearance was actually downgraded. This, however, is not related to the classified daily reports that Trump allows Kushner, along with a coterie much larger than Obama’s, to access. It seems, as I have referenced in a previous article, that Trump saw much of himself in Kushner and was seemingly grooming him for a possible presidential run of his own. Now it seems that both have realised they have bitten off more than they can chew. Kushner seems to have been left to focus on the small goal given to him: bring peace to the Middle East. Even in this reduced role,he has not yet brought about any plans worth enacting. The Secretary of State has said in an almost patronising tone that Kushner’s plans were ‘fairly well advanced.’ Trump put it more bluntly himself, stating he found it unlikely that peace negotiations would even be held between Israel and Palestine, the keystone of Middle East peacemaking. In addition, recent reports from a former National Security Council member have stated the Kushner has been played for dumb by the Chinese, marring efficient relations.

It has been suggested that due to the nespotic nature of Chinese politics, it made sense to deal with the son of a successful man, who only owed his position to others’ successes. Chinese officials have also claimed that Kushner did not only speak of policy in their meetings, but also personal business matters. Although this claim may need to be taken with a grain of salt, no one can corroborate Kushner’s claims to the contrary.. Due to the intertwined nature of of his personal business life (regarding both his family and the Trumps’ firms) this issue of blurring the line between policy and business is an easy target not just for the Chinese, but any adversary.

The White House is not the only place where Kushner cannot get a break, he and Ivanka have allegedly each accumulated millions of dollars in debt over the past year. Though this may partially be related to issues with his family’s business, some alleged it may be related to the Russian probe.

Despite attempts at treading water, Kushner is seemingly on the way out. He has become far too much of a political liability for a Presidency that is flirting with impeachment, and it certainly seems as though his exit will be marked by slowly disappearing from Washington. One can tell from the sheer magnitude of articles originally published during Kushner’s rise alongside Trump, in comparison to the seeming dearth of articles on him now that he is attempting to recede into the background. Regardless, Kushner is simply one of many under qualified people in the maddest White House in history, who has compromised any sense of morals through what is a seemingly shared sense of arrogance at 1600 Pennsylvania.


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