The Foreign Affairs Review is the publication of the St Andrews Foreign Affairs Society. It is an entirely student-run and student produced publication. The publication brings together students from across St Andrews interested in writing about international affairs and relations, and publishes their articles for the benefit of the St Andrews community and beyond. The Review is a forum for students to publish their opinions about current events facing the international community.

Founded in 2012, the Foreign Affairs Review prides itself on being the largest publication at St Andrews, both in terms of staff size and output. In September 2013, the Review merged with the Regulus Magazine. The Regulus was St Andrews’ first political magazine, founded by Ben Shaps in 2009, and with the help of Kurt V. Jose and others, and had established itself as a prominent presence on the St Andrews media scene with its regular print editions.

All of our analysts were competitively selected from among applicants, and write authoritatively and regularly on a wide range topics. On our website, you will notice that articles are divided up regionally, while the newest articles will always appear front and centre. The Foreign Affairs Review publishes two batches of new articles every week on Tuesdays and Fridays, so be sure to check our site regularly for new articles.

The hope of the Foreign Affairs Review is that our website can be a platform for the talented student voices engaged in thinking about and analysing international affairs. If you enjoy an article you read here, feel free to add your comments to it, and stir up a debate with the author and others. It is our hope that for members of the St Andrews community and beyond, this website can be a weekly meeting place of student ideas, debates and reflections on the complexities of the international environment which affects us all, and which we have the power to affect in turn.

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