Jamie Archer

Jamie is a third year student from Sheffield, England studying Economics and International Relations. His interests include UK foreign and economic policy, the European Union and globalisation. He recently completed an internship for the UK’s Government Economic Service and wishes to pursue a career in international relations and global governance.


Zaki Atia

Zaki Atia is a third year student at the University of St Andrews studying International Relations. He is an American of Egyptian and Saudi descent and lives in Lexington, MA. Zaki is particularly interested in East Asian and Middle Eastern politics. His past research has focused on topics that pertain to security studies, identity politics, and post-colonialism. Over the summer of his first year, he worked as an intern at a refugee resettlement organization called the International Institute of New England.


Maddy Bazil

Maddy Bazil is a third year student of English from Washington, DC. She is keenly interested in the peace building process in post-conflict regions, with a particular focus on the lasting repercussions of colonialism in southern Africa. This past summer she interned for a Cape Town-based NGO helping to initiate and implement outreach programmes and opportunities for youth in the vulnerable communities of Western Cape townships, and other past internships and work experience have involved human rights advocacy fieldwork and nonprofit programme management.


Giles Bischoff

Giles Bischoff is from Las Vegas, Nevada, and is a third year at the university studying Financial Economics. Cards (especially bridge), scuba diving and languages are his hobbies and he is proficient in Mandarin and Spanish.


Alexander Brunner

Alexander Brunner is a first year studying International Relations at the University of Saint Andrews. On campus you can find him managing the IR Freshmen Class as first year president, or selling cupcakes outside the library for UNICEF. This summer he will be working for the AIG Japanese Exchange Program, High School Diplomats: traveling to New York City, D.C., and Princeton University with a group of 40 Japanese students. The goal of the program is to “Sieze the Wind”, or understand the cultural and personal ties between Japan and the U.S.. Outside of academics and work you can find him being splashed by the waves on Lake Lochlore as he rows along for the Saint Andrews Boat Club. He is also a die hard basketball fan (Go Wizards!) and hopes to learn about the growing fan base of Euroleague basketball during his time at Saint Andrews.


Sophia Chiang

Sophia is a second year studying International Relations and Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews. She grew up in the States but spent much of her time growing up in China, which fostered an interest in China-United States relations and cross-strait relations between mainland China and Taiwan. She spent the summer interning with Give & Surf, Inc., a not for profit based out of Bocas del Toro, Panama.


Stuart Conlin


Brooke Cox


Elliot Douglas

Elliot is a student of English and German, currently working as a language assistant in a high school in Saarland in Germany. He grew up in rural Scotland but finished high school at a full-scholarship international high school in BC, Canada. He spent the summer interning with Initiatives of Change at Caux, Switzerland and is especially interested in applying different practical methods of peacebuilding in conflict areas in the world, for example through open dialogue. His interest in theatre and literature mean that the role of the arts in international relations is important to him.


Constantin Eckner

Constantin Eckner is a first year PhD student at the University of St Andrews studying Modern History. His research focuses on asylum policy in Europe since the 1980s. Having lived across Europe and Asia, he is keenly interested in European, Middle Eastern and East Asian politics. Besides his mother tongue German, he is proficient in Russian, Czech, Spain and French—and he wants to add Mandarin Chinese to the list as soon as possible.


Allie Feuerlein

Allie is a third year student of International Relations. She has previously interned with an environmental campaign and at a community building institute. She is particularly interested in relationships between international communities, and has written articles on LGBT asylum speakers and France’s relationship with Islam.


Daisy Fleming

Daisy Fleming is a third year student, currently studying abroad at Sciences Po in Paris. She has recently completed an internship at the US Senate and is particularly interested in American and British politics. Daisy’s recent work has focused on women’s rights, which is her greatest passion.


Georgia Fortunato

Georgia is a third year student studying International Relations and Russian. She hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Georgia traces her fascination with all things international back to family trips to Central America, where she began studying Spanish. Last summer, Georgia turned her attention inwards and was able to experience domestic politics as a congressional intern. Since coming to St Andrews, Georgia has started playing golf, despite having always made fun of it. She also considers herself a massive foodie.

Loui Marchant

Loui is a third year International Relations student from Edinburgh. This year she is spending a semester studying at Sciences Po in Paris. As a member of the European Youth Parliament, she takes an active interest in the European Union and all things Brexit. Her internships include a placement at a Law and Human Rights office in Cape Town and her writing also reflects her keen interest in development and human rights. She is on the committee of Women for Women St Andrews and is particularly passionate about women’s rights and empowerment across the world.


Tyler Martin

Tyler Martin is a 4th year International Relations student from Boston, Massachusetts. His interests include Postcolonial theory, International Political Economy, and Conflict Studies. Over the past two summers, he has worked at both the Joint Economic Committee in the United States Senate as well as the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae).


Gemma Matthews

Gemma is a third year studying International Relations with Modern History.  Her specific interests include the study of terrorism, the politics of Africa and history of China.  During the summer she worked in the constituency office for her local Member of Scottish Parliament where she learned a lot about domestic and local politics.  When not writing or studying, she likes to play Korfball and is kept busy by her role as Secretary for Andrew Melville Hall.


Hadley Menk

Hadley Menk is a first year studying Biology and Philosophy from Vermont, USA. Having grown up with a love of the outdoors and an interest in politics, her primary focus lies in the intersection between science and global affairs. She hopes to continue to explore issues like healthcare and the environment at the Foreign Affairs Review and beyond.


Caelan Mitchell-Bennett

Caelan is a first year student studying International Relations and Spanish. He is from Brownsville, Texas, a city directly on the U.S. – Mexican border. He grew up heavily involved in the immigration politics that accompany that area, and in 2014 worked with members of the National BAR Association to create his own film documenting the 2011 influx of children from Central America through Mexican and U.S. borders. He hopes to continue work in immigration law and the complex aspects of border culture and politics.


Nick Moro

Nick is a third-year student studying Sustainable Development from the United States. His academic interests include the impacts of policy and economics on international development. He has long been personally interested in US politics and current affairs. Nick hopes to use the study of Sustainable Development to promote sustainability in international business.


Marett Peets

Marett Peets is a fourth year studying International Relations from Georgia, USA. In the summer of 2016, she interned at World Affairs Council- Washington, DC, a global education non-profit, working to educate US citizens about global issues. There, she helped facilitate events and wrote blog posts regarding international affairs. She has also interned at her local U.S. Senator’s district office in Atlanta, Georgia. Academically, she focuses on divided societies, reconstruction and reconciliation efforts, and conflict mitigation.


Katrina Rees

Katrina is a postgraduate student studying International Business at the School of Management. After completing her Bachelor of Commerce at Queen’s University in Canada, she spent a year working in Toronto’s financial district before arriving in St Andrews to pursue graduate work. Katrina is passionate about the intersection of business and foreign affairs on the world stage. Her academic interests include the role of private authority in international politics, corporate influence on policy, and the concept of business as an economically feasible vehicle for social development. Each of these themes plays an important part in the progression of her MLitt Thesis.


Nathalie Scharpf

Nathalie Scharpf is a second year American student studying International Relations and French at the University of St. Andrews.  As a child, she grew up in various countries all over Eastern Europe as her father was in the foreign service. As a result, politics and current affairs have always been an important and inescapable part her my life.  Thus, her aspiration following university graduation is to work in the United Nations or some other international organization in the field of foreign policy and public relations.


Alanood Sinjab

Alanood Sinjab is a fourth year student of MA (Hons) International Relations and Philosophy. She is of Syrian origin and has an interest in the Middle East, particularly in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. She most recently explored these interests through her Laidlaw Undergraduate Internship in Leadership and Research; she is currently working to publish a piece for a peer-reviewed journal on the use of of torture, cruel and inhuman treatment during interrogations of Palestinians by Israel’s General Security Service. Her interest in international law has led her to complete further legal studies at the London School of Economics, and to intern at Holman Fenwick Willan LLP as well as Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP. She has also provided French legal advice to Syrian and Afghani refugees while volunteering for Sciences Po Refugee Help in Paris.


Anna South

Anna South is a second year studying English through the Joint Degree Programme with the College of William and Mary and St Andrews University. Originally from Pennsylvania, her interest in international relations stems from the time she spent at an international school in Düsseldorf, Germany as a child, and noticing how nationalities already influenced the identities of young students. She is curious about how media, literature, and other cultural influences continue to shape populations and individual perceptions as the year unfolds.



Zoe Spirgel

Zoe is a first year student from Arlington, Virginia studying Modern History and Philosophy. Her interests include Middle Eastern, European and U.S politics. Interning for both Bluelight Strategies and the Natural Resource Committee of the House of Representatives, Zoe has begun to dip her toes in the political waters surrounding her. Zoe’s experiences interning on Capitol Hill have prepared her to think critically and question the political world around her.


Rahul Srivastava

Rahul is a second-year student studying, Economics and Statistics. He is from New Delhi and currently lives in Atlanta, USA. In the past he’s interned for Citizens’ Climate Lobby and The United Way. His foreign policy interests are in South Asia, East Asia, and the United States. In his dreams, he alternates between being Prime Minister of India and General Manager of the New England Patriots.


Brooke Stewart


Jack Stukel

Jack is a fourth-year pursuing a joint degree in International Relations and Arabic. Originally from Chicago, he has experience in government (as a US Congressional intern) and business (as a corporate analyst). His interests include US foreign policy, world religions, Russia, and the Middle East.


Daniel Vinton

Daniel is a second-year student of International Relations and Arabic. A citizen of both the United States and Poland, he has lived in several countries including Austria, Croatia and Macedonia. He spent his Summer studying German on a stipend from the German Academic Exchange Service. As a former resident of the Balkans, he is interested in identity and causes of conflict; as a German speaker, his interests include the rise of the far-right in Germany and more generally the forces affecting public opinion.


Antonia Ward

Antonia is from Newcastle in the UK. She completed her undergraduate here 2012-2016 in Modern History and International Relations and is now undertaking an MLitt in Terrorism and Political Violence. Her early interests have been in politics and law. She shadowed a QC in London twice and  has worked in the local office of Catherine McKinnell, the former shadow attorney general. Her main interest in the field of terrorism is that of gender and how it affects the way we both perceive and report on terrorism and the terrorists themselves.


Daniel Wegner

Daniel is an MLitt student of Peace and Conflict Studies with the University’s School of International Relations. He has previously studied Politics and Public Administration with a focus on the Political Economy of Development and Post-Conflict Reconciliation. Before the start of his Master’s at St Andrews, he worked for the United Nations in Vienna and for the German Development Agency in Mexico City. Daniel is particularly passionate about the relationship between structural violence, organised crime and development. His experiences with victims of forced disappearances in Mexico have triggered his interest for this specific phenomenon, and he intends to pursue a PhD on this topic. His regional focus is on areas of weak governance, especially in Latin America. Daniel is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and various German-speaking newspapers.


Andrew Williams

Andrew is in his penultimate year at the University of St Andrews studying Modern History and Russian. Having been studying the language for over eight years and having spent a year in country, Andrew holds a keen interest in global affairs pertaining to Russia, specifically Russo-American relations. This past summer he interned at the Foreign Policy Initiative in Washington DC where his research focussed on NATO-Russian relations and the vulnerability of NATO’s Eastern flank.


Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams is from Orange County, California and a second year studying International Relations and Economics.  Her early passion for philosophy quickly developed into an interest in international politics and the global economy as she began to travel and become more engaged with world issues. She is excited to be an analyst for the Foreign Affairs Review this school year and continue pursuing these interests outside of her academic courses.


Tripp Whalen III

Robert P. Whalen III, “Tripp”, is a third year International Relations student. Tripp is a graduate of Weston High School, and has had previous experience working for the international section of a multi-national corporation. His interests lie greatly within the field of security concerns and economic viability of markets.


Julia Yee

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