Adrian Aboyoun


Asa Andrews


Nena Atkinson


Magda Baranowska

Magda Baranowska is a second year studying International Relations in the Joint Degree Programme.  Currently on site at William & Mary, she also writes articles for the Tribe Attache and is involved with Amnesty International and IR Service Club Committee. As a Polish national, Magda has very keen interests in post-Soviet development , the state of Eastern Europe, and the political rhetoric of European governments. Despite her regional focus on Europe, Magda hopes to expand her interests into issues concerning human rights and political development.


Rachel Beattie

Rachel Beattie is a Masters Student from Scotland studying International Security Studies at St Andrews. Following her joint undergraduate degree at the University in International Relations and Modern History, she has specialised into the field of Security Studies which drives her main focus within the Review.


Sophie Black

Sophie Elizabeth Black is a third year single-honours student studying International Relations. In addition to her other hobbies of cooking and reading, Sophie is passionate about issues of human rights, particularly in the Middle East and the Pacific. She is fluent in both English and German, and is currently learning Dutch. She hopes to one day work to support women’s education as the cornerstone of development in LEDCs.


Alexander Brunner

Alexander Brunner is a first year studying International Relations at the University of Saint Andrews. On campus you can find him managing the IR Freshmen Class as first year president, or selling cupcakes outside the library for UNICEF. This summer he will be working for the AIG Japanese Exchange Program, High School Diplomats: traveling to New York City, D.C., and Princeton University with a group of 40 Japanese students. The goal of the program is to “Sieze the Wind”, or understand the cultural and personal ties between Japan and the U.S.. Outside of academics and work you can find him being splashed by the waves on Lake Lochlore as he rows along for the Saint Andrews Boat Club. He is also a die hard basketball fan (Go Wizards!) and hopes to learn about the growing fan base of Euroleague basketball during his time at Saint Andrews.


Catherine Burke


Jessica Craig

Jessica Craig is a fourth-year International Relations and Modern History student from Edinburgh. She is interested in peace and security, human rights and gender politics. Jessica is the current Foreign and Commonwealth Office student brand ambassador at St Andrews and recently returned from a year studying abroad at Queen’s University in Canada.


Isabella Cuervo


Man Dowden


Ali Drabu


Constantin Eckner

Constantin Eckner is a third-year PhD student in Modern History. His academic research interests centre on populism, political rhetoric, and migration policy. He is a fellow at the Human Security Centre, a London-based think tank with a focus on security and human rights policy, and has worked as a news agency and television journalist. His articles have been published in English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, and Japanese.


Emily Friis-Hansen


Alasdair Gillies


Grace Gressett

Grace Gressett is a second year pursuing a joint honours in International Relations and Management. She is interested in human rights and sustainable international development. She hopes to pursue a career with an NGO delivering sustainable solutions to improve the lives of those living in less developed areas. Outside of academics, she enjoys competing in show jumping competitions with her horse Karlos, running on the Fife Coastal Path, and traveling with friends.


Aiden Hawker


Peter Hourston

Peter Hourston is a second year joint honours student in Economics and International Relations. He has a keen interest in science and technology issues, particularly focusing on climate change and global warming. He also looks the intersection of politics and economics, focusing on International Political Economy and international trade issues. Coming from Scotland, he has been greatly influenced by the Scottish independence and Brexit referenda and their continued consequences.


Leo Janjgava


Anna Kane


John Kearns


Maiah Khin


Audrey Leung


Emily Matthews


Hadley Menk

Hadley Menk is a second year studying Geography & Modern History from Vermont, USA. She is interested primarily in the intersection between science and  politics, including such topics as healthcare, climate change, the Arctic, indigenous rights and land management. Having grown up not far from the U.S.-Canada border, she is also interested in the relationship between these two countries. She hopes to someday be able to influence policy that will make the world more sustainable and equal.


Nick Moro

Nick Moro is a fourth-year student from Westport, CT in the United States. He is reading for a degree in Sustainable Development. His interests include international development, international aid and politics. He has completed internships in NGO and Consulting work and hopes to pursue a career in international development.


Andrew Perry

Andrew Perry is a second-year student who is pursuing a joint honors degree in International Relations and Philosophy. He is interested in Central and Southwest Asian affairs with a focus on terrorism. Andrew is also interested in China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its potential consequences. Outside of school, he is a keen golfer and backpacker.


Blake Purchase

Blake Purchase is a postgraduate student currently pursuing an MLitt in Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asian Security Studies. Blake read Politics with German at the University of Nottingham for his undergraduate degree, during which time he undertook a range of predominantly diplomatic placements, including with the Embassy of New Zealand in Berlin and the British Consulate-General in Düsseldorf. Blake hails from West Somerset and heads back as much as he can.


Marina Rivera

Marina Rivera is a third year student studying International Relations with a particular interest in Middle Eastern Politics. Marina grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her parents, brother and sister. Apart from her studies, Marina does work with charities and is a member of the hockey club in St. Andrews.


Gabriella Selby

Gabrielle is a second-year student studying International Relations and Management at the University of St Andrews. Her research interests include human rights issues and the difficulties facing marginalized groups in the United States, where she is from. In her free time, she is learning Italian and is a member of the university’s shinty team.


Zoë Spirgel

Zoe is a third year student from Arlington, Virginia studying Modern History and Philosophy. Her interests include Middle Eastern, European and U.S politics. Interning for both Bluelight Strategies, Weiss Public Affairs and the Natural Resource Committee of the House of Representatives, Zoe has begun to dip her toes in the political waters surrounding her. Zoe’s experiences interning on Capitol Hill have prepared her to think critically and question the world around her.


Dylan Springer


Cooper Stewart

Cooper Stewart is a freshman at St Andrews University, where he is working towards a degree in International Relations with Middle East Studies.


Zachary Taylor


Gustavo Viegas


Indira Von Gierke

Indira is a fourth-year Geography and Social Anthropology student from Germany. She is interested in post-colonial, feminist and post-structural theory. Indira likes to analyse international politics through their local, regional and national manifestations. She aspires to work in international politics in the fields of health or education.


Gemma Walls





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