Rowan Anderson, Foreign Correspondent

Rowan is a third year student studying English Literature and French. Currently spending a year abroad in Strasbourg, her main interests centre on the European Union, with a focus on human rights and international aid. She is also a staff member of The Monitor: Journal of International Studies at the College of William & Mary, a partner institution of St Andrews.

Jonathan Bertulis-Fernandes

Jonathan is a fourth year student studying International Relations and Social Anthropology. In his third year, he studied abroad on the IR/Social Anthropology Abroad programmes at the University of Hong Kong and Københavns Universitet (Copenhagen) respectively. He interned on the successful Obama Presidential re-election campaign in 2012 where he was based in Washington DC and was involved in the successful eventual Democratic victory in Virginia. He maintains involvement in both UK and US politics and is also involved with a number of think tanks. He is particularly interested in structural violence, international regimes, global conventions and other normative constraints on a state coupled with the accompanying emergence of a global civil society.

Amanda Blair

Amanda Blair is studying International Relations with the Joint Degree Programme between the University of St Andrews and the College of William & Mary. She is currently in her third year, and will be returning to graduate in the US next Spring (2016). Amanda serves as Senior Copy Editor for a publication similar to FAR at W&M, The Monitor Journal of International Studies. Her academic interests focus on East Asian security dynamics, and she had the opportunity to conduct research on this region while interning for the Project on International Peace and Security (PIPS), an undergraduate think-tank at W&M, her freshman year. This past summer, Amanda worked for AidData, an organization working to improve accessibility of development finance data.

Maria Borrello

Camille Bigot

Camille is currently doing a double major in International Relations and Anthropology at the University of St Andrews. She is originally French, but grew up in Singapore which makes her a little bit Asian inside. Her initial interest in politics and international relations came from participation in Model United Nations conferences. It triggered her interest in current affairs and the work of the United Nations as an institution trying to fight global issues. Her main interests in politics include the study of Human Rights, specifically gender relations and the rights of children.

Cathrine Cheung

Cathrine is a fourth year International Relations student. She is originally Chinese, but grew up in Oslo, Norway. She has spent time interning for Amnesty International, UNICEF and the Norwegian Human Rights Fund, and has from these experiences developed an interest in diplomacy, human rights and the role of non-state actors in global politics.

Hannah M. Cope

Hannah is a third year student from New York City studying International Relations and French at St Andrews. She has interned for United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and several not-for-profit organisations. In 2010, she and a high school classmate at the Nightingale-Bamford School started the “A School for A School” project to build a school in rural Cambodia as a grassroots approach to sex trafficking. During high school, she spent a semester at The Island School in Cape Eleuthera, The Bahamas studying sustainability and marine science, among other things. She is particularly interested in human rights, global women’s issues, US politics, and the roles NGOs and businesses play in international affairs.

Brendan Cue

Sunjana Dalal

Sunjana is a third year pursuing a Joint Honours in Economics and International Relations at the University of St Andrews. Her main interests are in US-Sino Relations with an additional enthusiasm for the impact of the rise of emerging nations on the international forum. She will pay particular attention to US foreign policy regarding matters of global security.

Clemence Douchez-Lortet

Clemmie is a postgraduate studying Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asian Security Studies at the University of St Andrews. Originally from Paris, she completed her undergraduate studies in England (York), and thereafter decided to stay in the UK. She lived in Chile for five months, working as a reporter and photographer for The Santiago Times, writing mainly about the Chilean presidential elections. Her main interests are terrorism in the Caucasus and the Middle East as well as the impact of Islam on politics, the state and society.

Maya Elliott

Jonny Elswood

Jonny Elswood is a Junior Honours analyst from Edinburgh, currently pursuing a joint degree in International Relations and Modern History. Among his many interests in foreign affairs are conflict and security studies, as well as the impact of foreign and domestic policy on public health and social issues. Regions of particular interest include the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Florian Englberger

Siobhan Fraile Ordonez

Katherine Georges

Katherine is a fourth year International Relations student with an interest in peace-building and post-conflict transition primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, her experience in both political risk analysis and refugee protection in East Africa and the Horn has fostered a captivation for the security-development nexus and the international dynamics of conflict management.

Charlotte Gorman

Charlotte Gorman is a third year student studying International Relations and Modern History. A native Washingtonian, her fondness for American and international politics can be also be attributed to her obsession with newspapers and NPR. Her academic interests include studying the role of gender and post-colonial politics in both of her equally-loved disciplines. She is interested in political violence, resistance movements, and migration and refugee issues. Otherwise, she’s learning Modern Standard Arabic, developing the university History Society in her role as President, and trying to balance her love of her adopted Scottish home and with her desire to tick more continents off her bucket list.

Braden Harris

Braden Harris is an American fourth year student of International Relations. During the summer of 2013, Braden had the opportunity to work as a research intern for the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia, where he studied foreign involvement in the Syrian Civil War. His academic interests include geopolitics, irregular warfare, and the political implications of technological advances in the realm of security.

Anna Harsanyi

Rozi is a third year French and Management student, currently spending her year abroad at Sciences Po Paris, where she takes courses in Sociology and European politics. A native of Hungary, she has recently interned at The Budapest Times, the country’s biggest English-language weekly, writing articles about Hungarian current affairs. She has also completed an internship at Transparency International and was the project leader of a campaign targeting Hungarians living in the UK and motivating them to vote in the European Parliament elections. She is especially interested in human rights issues, EU affairs and the democratic development of post-communist states.

Daniel Jandreus

Daniel Johnston

Hannah Lawrence

Hannah Lawrence is a PhD student in Modern History and her interests lie primarily in Middle Eastern and East Asian regions concerning gender equality, human rights, peaceful conflict resolution, global access to education, and impartial resource allocation. She edits historical fiction novels and non-fiction writings. Hannah was born in the US, participated in many archaeological digs and traveled to Australia as a Student Ambassador. She have pursued both my postgraduate degrees in the UK and is currently learning Modern Standard Arabic.

Anna Lazzarin

Anna is an Italian fourth year student of International Relations. She is interested in a critical perspective of political, legal and economical aspects of the international realm, with a specific focus on matters related to migration, ethics of war, intervention, security and violence. She is also keen on doing research on gender and identity related aspects of international relations.

Elizabeth Mastoris

Elizabeth is a fourth year student studying International Relations and Economics. From New Jersey, her interests include US foreign policy and global finance. Her experience interning for an oil company piqued her interest in Middle Eastern conflicts, and particularly their economic implications.

Alexis McGivern

Alexis McGivern is a fourth year International Relations student who has a keen interest in environmental issues’ impact on the political sphere. Alexis has Canadian and Irish citizenships and grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. She cites this multiculturalism as the cause of her interest in the work of international and non-governmental organizations in coordinating political action. She also has an interest in international trade, development and aid, energy studies, corporate responsibility and marine conservation.

Jenny Morton, Foreign Correspondent

Jennifer is a third year student studying towards an MA (Hons) in International Relations. Having lived in Scotland for the vast majority of her life, she is keen to broaden her understanding of politics on a global scale, as we see events on the other side of the world having immediate effects on our doorstep. Her primary interest concerns the ways in which power is divided globally; in particular, the politics of development in Africa and the changing face of world power in the age of globalization.

Erika Naegeli

Erika Naegeli is a current second year student reading International Relations and Persian at the University of St Andrews. Originally from Minnesota, USA, Erika is a speaker of English, German, Swiss-German (after high school exchange year in Bern, Switzerland), and Persian. This past summer, she was a Consular Affairs Intern at the U.S. Embassy in Accra, Ghana. During this internship, she dealt with immigrant and non-immigrant visa law, and romance scam detection. Erika is interested in geopolitics, diplomacy, and human rights.

Hugh Oberlander

Hugh is a fourth year currently studying International Relations at the University of St Andrews. He is particularly interested in the topics of democratisation, constitutionalism, nationalism, and identity politics. Hugh is also currently an intern for the Centre for Global Constitutionalism (CGC) in the School of International Relations.

Katie O’Donnell, Foreign Correspondent

Katie is in her third year of a degree in Arabic and French, which she is spending studying abroad in France and Morocco. Her interest in foreign affairs developed over the several years she spent living in and travelling around the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, and as a result she plans to focus the majority of her writing on the complexities of this fascinatingly diverse and rapidly emerging region. As a Scot, Katie is also a close follower of independence movements both at home and further afield.

James Otcenasek

James is a fourth year international relations and Philosophy student at the University of St Andrews. Before coming to Britain, he studied for four years in Greece and one year in Germany, eventually doing his finals in the Czech Republic (his homeland). This international experience has arguably fuelled his interest in how cultural and sociological perceptions translate into particular foreign policies of states – a topic which he hopes to explore further in his writing.

Miguel Pereira

Marcel Plichta

Timothy Poirson

Timothy is an MLitt student of Peace and Conflict Studies with the University’s School of International Relations, after previously having completed his undergraduate studies at the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po Paris) with a final year abroad here at the University of Saint Andrews. Intent on pursuing a PhD with the School of International Relations, his research interests lie in the fields of Conflict, Terrorism, and Political Violence, with a particular regional focus on the Middle East/Central Asia. Timothy is also particularly interested in looking at the transformations of modern warfare and the challenges irregular warfare poses to traditional security doctrines, as well as the political and social transformations in Arab Spring States.

Jens Presthus

Jens is a fourth year International Relations student from Oslo, Norway. His main interests lie in the field of International Political Economy, and he is especially passionate about state capitalism and the role of state-owned corporation in international trade and finance. Moreover, he is very intrigued by the way security issues and politics affect national and international markets, and seeks to become the next Ian Bremmer (political risk guru) when he graduates from St Andrews.

Matthew Ribar

Matthew Ribar is a second year in the William & Mary–St Andrews joint degree programme, studying International Relations. He is also a former research assistant for the Teaching, Research, and International Policy Project. His main areas of interest are East Asian affairs, international organizations, and the interaction between IR academia and the policy world.

Georgia Rowland

Georgia is currently in her second year at St. Andrews studying International Relations and French. Taking a keen interest in global political crises due to her career aspirations within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, she is specifically concerned with the development of human rights.Having been awarded a scholarship to study by the Royal Air Force, she is also eager to analyse conflict and it’s resolution as well as global security dynamics, diplomacy and the position of Britain on the international stage. A native speaker of English and proficient in French, Italian and German, Georgia’s love of travel has greatly influenced her interest in foreign affairs and as such is keen to broaden her knowledge of such topics outside the parameter of European issues.

Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan is a fourth year student of international Relations. Michelle is primarily interested in the intersection of international economic policy and human rights, and has worked in several related areas; including NAFTA and immigration policy with the Nationalities Service Center in her native Philadelphia; and financial regulatory policy with Better Markets in Washington DC.  She most recently completed an internship with the Office of Economic Policy Analysis and Public Diplomacy at the U.S. Department of State.

Leonard Schuette

Leonard is a second year undergraduate studying International Relations and Economics. Having lived and studied in Germany, the Netherlands and England, his inbred multiculturalism has catalysed his passion for international relations, culture and travel. He has gained political experience in internships at the Bundestag, a German newspaper and a London-based think tank, as well as involvement in the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Parliament.  His primary political interests centre around the current and future state of the European Union as well as International Political Economy.

Maxime Seguin

Maxime is a 2nd year Joint Honours International Relations and Management major. Born in France, identifies as European and grew up in South Africa, Belgium France and Greece. His main interests lie in African geopolitics, security and environmental issues.

Finlay Shaw

Finlay Shaw is a third year analyst from South East England. He is enrolled in International Relations, Modern History and Arabic, and is currently pursuing a military career as a reservist. His interests include conflict intervention, diplomacy, and the changing characteristics of war, with a particular focus on Britain and the Middle East.

Taylor Stenberg

Ester Strommen

Ester is a 4th year student studying International Relations. Focus areas include energy and environment, peace and reconciliation, gender, migration and population changes, security, and human rights. Previous experience includes interning the International Law and Policy Institute in Oslo this past summer, focusing on hate crime and hate speech in the European Union. She has also interned at the Brookings Institution as part of the Energy Security Initiative, focusing on Arctic oil exploration, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies. She is currently writing her dissertation on women’s political participation and quotas.

Jack Stukel

Jack is a second-year student pursuing a joint degree in International Relations and Arabic. Originally from Chicago, he has attended and received awards at international Model United Nations conferences, has blogging experience, and plans to make a career in foreign service and politics. His interests include US foreign policy, diplomacy, geopolitics, and world religions.

Erik Svanberg

Erik Svanberg is a fourth year student of International Relations at the University of St Andrews. His primary interests include migration, inclusive development and human rights. Spending his third academic year in Beijing and Hong Kong, Erik’s academic focus is currently on Chinese society and foreign policy.

Fredrik Svensson

Fredrik is a fourth year student pursuing a joint degree in International Relations and Psychology. His main interests lie in international development, the impact of foreign aid on communities in the developing world, as well as the psychological mechanisms that underlie key issues in international relations, such as corruption, voting behaviour and security. Recent internship experiences in Ghana and Tajikistan have solidified his main focus on Africa and Central Asia.

Haley Tanner

Haley is a second year studying International Relations and Economics. She is American and was born and raised in New Jersey. Some of her interests include US foreign and domestic policies, terrorism, and the international economy.

Cameron Trainer

Cameron Trainer is a third year student studying International Relations and Russian. Originally from Philadelphia, he spent the last summer working with the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. His interests include Russian history and foreign policy, education, and the history of military conflict.

Amisha Vadalia

Amisha Vadalia is a fourth year International Relations and Management student born and raised in New Jersey. In addition to writing for the FAR, Amisha serves as the Social Activities Officer for the Foreign Affairs Society, where her responsibilities include organising The Ambassadors Ball. Inspired by her work with NGOs in sub-Saharan Africa as well as her time on Capitol Hill, Amisha’s specific interests include the key role of non-state actors in global politics, the progress of development in Africa, the importance of humanitarian issues in an increasingly globalising world, and the degree to which US domestic policy affects foreign policy.

Matthew Valla

Matthew Valla is a fourth year IR student at the University of St. Andrews. Born in Walnut Creek, California, Matthew has long been interested in foreign policy, often from a security aspect. He also maintains an active interest in history, particularly in that of Imperial China.

Megan Wadin

Megan is a third year Geography student at the University of St Andrews. Megan’s interests lie in environmental issues and their impact on the political sphere, particularly in the fields of agricultural policy, migration, and the international allocation of resources.

Yui Raymond Wang

Raymond is a third year undergraduate reading International Relations and Modern History. He grew up in Hong Kong and finished high school at UWC Adriatic, where he learnt to appreciate the significance of foreign affairs. His particular interests lie in the nature and role of soft power, Chinese foreign policy, and humanitarian intervention. He enjoys travelling, and has worked and volunteered in various countries, an experience that has shown him just how diverse the world really is.


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