Clue! Benghazi Edition! (For bureaucrats and politicians 25 and up!)

It was: Charlene Lamb & Eric Boswell, with a diplomatic cable (saying NO to security requests), in a corner office in Foggy Bottom. Did I win?

No one wins. The Benghazi Attack was no game. Benghazi was a preventable tragedy. It is deeply saddening that politicians in an election year treated it as a trivial matter. Benghazi was undoubtedly the low point of foreign policy under the Obama Administration.

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Bolívar in Brussels: Putin’s Place in the Last Will of Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez is dying, slowly but surely. I will not say I am pleased about it but I certainly won’t be shedding any tears over the man. Whether you like Chavez or not, there is no denying that his death is the end of an era. It is my opinion that Chavez, for the most part, was a failure in both his domestic and foreign policy pursuits. However, I must give credit when credit is due. It is because of President (elected dictator) Chavez that OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is a powerful force in global affairs.

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