The Foreign Affairs Review is governed by a subcommittee of the Foreign Affairs Society, but its day-to-day operations are managed by the Editorial Board. Members of the Editorial Board can be reached at fareview@st-andrews.ac.uk .


Mansi Gaur, Editor-in-Chief

Mansi Gaur is from Dallas, Texas and is a fourth year International Relations student at St Andrews. She is primarily interested in International and Constitutional Law and International Security.


Matthias Bash, Editor

Matthias is a third year from Durham, England. He studies International Relations, and his focus is on political violence and international terrorism.

Sara Fay, Editor


Harry Halem, Editor

Harry is a third year from New York hoping to study International Relations and Philosophy at honours. His primary interests include naval and maritime strategy, civil-military relations, and historical great power conflict. He has experience interning for DC-based think tanks, and currently works as the Assistant to the Director of the Hudson Institute’s Center for American Seapower.


Peter Wollweber, Editor

Peter is from Hampshire, England and studies History at St. Andrews. His primary interests include the Middle East and the politics of Sri Lanka, though as a historian his main focus is imperial legacies.


Yifan Xia, Editor

Yifan is a fourth-year IR student from China. She is interested in ideas in international relations, how they are spreader, interpreted and practiced in transnational context. She is currently working on church-state relations in China.





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