The Foreign Affairs Review is governed by a subcommittee of the Foreign Affairs Society, but its day-to-day operations are managed by the Editorial Board. Members of the Editorial Board can be reached at If you wish to reach a specific member of the Board, put their first name as the first word of the email’s title.


Haley Tanner, Editor-in-Chief

Haley is a fourth year student studying international relations and economics. She is from New Jersey. Some of her interests include US foreign affairs and domestic politics, international trade and development, terrorism, and Middle Eastern conflicts.


Elissa Cotter


Erika Naegeli

Erika Naegeli is an ultimate year student reading International Relations and Persian. Erika is also the President of the Foreign Affairs Society, having spent last year on the FAR editorial board,  and as Executive Director of the Foreign Affairs Conference. Originally hailing from Minnesota, USA, Erika speaks Farsi, German, and Bernese German. Erika spent last summer at the U.S. Department of State working in the Office of the Global Coalition to Counter-ISIL. Erika has previous experience in countering violent extremism programming at USAID-West Africa and working with immigration at the U.S. Embassy in Accra, Ghana. Erika is interested in diplomacy, terrorism and violent extremism, and the MENA region. In her free time, Erika enjoys alpine skiing and learning how to play golf.


Katarina Rebello

Katarina Rebello is a final year undergraduate pursuing a MA Honours Degree in International Relations. Aside from her native language of Portuguese, Katarina also speaks Spanish and French. She is a dual US-EU citizen and maintains residency in the Washington DC area. Her primary interests fall at the intersection of international law and global public policy, with a focus on digital innovation and data governance. Katarina is currently an undergraduate researcher at the Centre for Global Constitutionalism. She has previously worked as a research assistant within the School of International Relations in St Andrews as well as under the auspices of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC.


Georgia Spencer-Rowland

Georgia is a final year student reading for a Joint MA Hons in French and International Relations. Currently serving as Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Society, Georgia’s primary interests are bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, international law (specifically humanitarian) and UK Foreign Policy. Fluent in French and proficient in Italian and German, Georgia’s passion for travel has seen her travel extensively, spending her ERASMUS+ year abroad studying IR at Sciences Po, Paris. Having interned in the Houses of Parliament and worked at the British Embassy in Paris, Georgia’s combined passions for current affairs and language have led her to pursue a deconstructive linguistic analysis of the Brexit campaign for her undergraduate dissertation. In addition to her editorial role, Georgia also works as a senior editor for Protocol Human Rights Magazine, and is a member and competitive athlete for the University of St Andrews Boat Club.

Andrew Woods

Andrew is a third year undergraduate reading International Relations and Modern History, and is Vice President and co-founder of the Iranian Cultural Society at the university. Raised in Motherwell, Andrew was educated at The High School of Glasgow and speaks German and elementary Arabic. Andrew is fascinated by the Middle East, particularly with the rise of the Islamic State and the legacy of the War on Terror, and prefers to tackle these issues with the so-called “historical approach” to international relations. Other interests include Asia, specifically North Korea, the foreign policy of the United States, and issues in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Andrew worked for Speaker Ken Mackintosh MSP during his 2015 Scottish Labour Leadership campaign and has spent time in various investment banks, including Standard Life Investments.