The Foreign Affairs Review is run entirely by St Andrews students, so if you are one, you are welcome to apply for a position as an analyst or an editor. Demand for new staff is likely to be minimal throughout the year, but applications are still accepted, and will be considered when positions open up. Check back here for fresh updates about open positions, and near the end of the spring term for an open call for applications. Applications should always include a personal statement of interest and a 2-3 page writing sample on an international affairs topic. Applications should be sent to

Even if you aren’t an analyst for the Review, we do accept guest articles, though it is better to get in touch with us first and discuss your idea before submitting a piece. Anyone can submit a guest article for consideration – no need to be a St Andrews student or a student at all.

All of our published articles can also be commented on, and both the Editorial Board and our analysts encourage respectful exchanges of views about our articles. Authors will often respond to comments on their articles, so feel free to strike up a debate.

If you represent a third party, such as another publication, company or organisation, see our Partners and Sponsors page.


For all enquiries, you can email us at  If you wish to reach a specific member of the Editorial Board, put their first name as the first word of the title of the email.

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