• Dalal Bridge in Zakho, Kurdistan, Iraq; image courtesy of Diyar se © 2013, some rights reserved

    The Case for an Independent Kurdistan

    If ever there were a people today in need of a homeland for their continued security as a people, it is probably the Palestinians. The Kurds, however, finish a close second. Life in Gaza is unquestionably intolerable in its current iteration, but life for the Kurds in Assad’s Syria and […]

  • Image courtesy of Israel Defense Forces © 2014, creative commons

    On the Edge of Dystopia: Thoughts from Israel

    Over the summer, as part of her English class, my fourteen year old sister was asked to read George Orwell’s 1984. Halfway through the book, she looked up at me, yellowed pages clenched in the dripping hands of a Tel Aviv heat wave, and asserted, “I know this isn’t going […]

  • Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore © 2013, some rights reserved

    Cantor Canned; Run, Ryan, Run

    On June 10th 2014, the Tea Party movement may have either saved or shattered the Republican Party.  Republican Congressman and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost to Randolph-Macon College (University) Economics Professor Dave Brat.  Former House Majority Leader Cantor was often deemed to be one of the most conservative members […]

  • Image courtesy of the European Pressphoto Agency © 2013, free of copyright

    Two Heads, Same Body?

    To simply brand the fundamentalist Islamic militia dispersed across Afghanistan and Pakistan as ‘Taliban’ – meaning ‘students’ in Pashto – is both inadequate and misleading. Although this umbrella term seems to amalgamate Pakistan’s Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP) with neighbouring Afghanistan’s Kandahari and Paktia Taliban, the movements in reality share little more than […]

  • Image courtesy of Nirmal Dulal, © 2011, some rights reserved

    Truth v. Justice: Uncovering the Ghosts of the Past

    If justice delayed is indeed justice denied, Nepal is a lost cause. Although the establishment of a democratic republic in 2008 finally put an end to 240 years of the Shah dynasty’s hold on power, the former kingdom’s path to democracy has left the country in a justice vacuum. In […]

  • Image courtesy of Joe Mabel, © 2011, some rights reserved

    An Independent Scotland to become a Nordic Country?

    In the months leading up to the Scottish Independence Referendum on September 18th, where Scotland will decide whether to remain a part of the United Kingdom or become an independent country, MP and Scottish National Party (SNP) spokesperson Angus Robertson has argued an independent Scotland should join the Nordic Council. […]



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