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    Ebola: Challenges to Media

    While Ebola has been a recurrent headline on media for months, it poses a challenge to media in terms of their content and framing of the topic. A number of online news, paper press and cable channels have been criticised for their fear-mongering coverage: FOX broadcasted that Ebola was soon […]

  • Mining in Mongolia: Boom or Bust?

    Mining in Mongolia: Boom or Bust?

    In the 13th century Mongolia conquered the world, now it seems like the world is lining up to conquer Mongolia. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and by extension the communist party that held power in Mongolia, large reserves of copper, gold, and coal have been found beneath the […]

  • Reforming French Asylum Law- Ambitions and Limitations

    Reforming French Asylum Law- Ambitions and Limitations

    When Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior presented the bill on asylum law in the Conseil des Ministres on the 23rd July by few contested the necessity of the plan. During his time as Minister of the Interior, Cazeneuve’s predecessor, Manuel Valls, had already judged the system in place “à […]

  • Image courtesy of Sasha Maksymenko, © 2014, some rights reserved.

    2014: The Year of Global Fragmentation

    When the year 2014 began, many could not resist comparisons to 1914. After all, the outbreak of the First World War brought what had been a nascent form of globalisation to a sudden and violent end; prompting many to wonder about the stability of our own system which has been […]

  • Image courtesy of ekenitr, © 2010, some rights reserved.

    Is the ICC Racist and Ineffective?

    “Something is flawed within the system of the I.C.C. and … now the process has degenerated into some kind of race hunting.”[i] These remarks made by the Chair of the African Union (A.U.), Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, at the close of the 21st African Union summit were in reference […]

  • Image courtesy of Daniel Greenfield, © 2014, some rights reserved.

    Nigeria in 2015: Elections and Chaos

    In 1999, Nigeria underwent its first democratic election in 20 years, and a government democratically chosen by the people was inaugurated in May of that same year. Since then, Nigeria has managed to avoid more of the military coups that previously caused havoc in the country’s political arena. In 2015, […]



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